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The TopLinePom is a relatively new kennel in Europe, but is to be devoted to know everything about the pomeranian breed!
Our kennel is based on only import dogs- from Thailand , America and Canada.
It has taken us more years to find the perfect bloodline, and now I can say , that with this bloodline we can stand in the gap at every dogshow!

Between our dogs’ s pedigree, there are only champion parents, and they came from well-known ,professional breeders , who helped us a lot to learn about this adorable breed!
We buy every dog personally, after- we make sure , that the poms have no visible- or invisible shortcoming – and we also have possibility to see the parents as well!

I give my own poms with my highest recommendation without reservation …I can guarantee that you will get, what in the pedigree is.


The Pomeranian Spitz

Indeed, we can differentiate 2 types of the pomeranian , at our kennel you can meet the “ teddybear” type!
The main attributes of this type are the rounder cheek bones, teddybear-head, thicker paws, shorter nose..- this is the typical american bloodline!

In the European bloodline we can notice thiner-paws, longer nose, in brief the typical klein-spitz form.
We wouldn’t like to – and we won’t - mix our american and thai type dogs with the european type, because we would like to save the true pomeranian standard!

The pomeranian spitz is in no way a kleinspitz.. you should not incorporate them!
( it often happens , that the breeders -because of the more profit -sell their dogs, such as a pomeranian )
The pomeranians have a teddybear- face, and their skull is a little bit rounder, than the kleinspitz’s skull! the pomeranians have more prick-eared than the kleinspitz! The attributes of the pomeranians are the almond eyes, the rich fur , and their underfur is thicker, than the kleinspitz ’s fur! Their height is between 18-22 cm, and their weight is around 3 kgs.

The pomeranians are very snappy and playful . They are very smart , and you can teach them easily.
They are faithful for the keeper! They keep a close watch on the house!

The pomeranian is small-statured, but sometimes they forget it 🙂