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Kennel-visiting in Thailand

First, we visited Mr. Toby Tangkaravakun , the owner of the Tokie Poms Mr. Toby was a great Amphitryon and we could take part on his 2 days grooming course. Usually he teaches people in 5-10 members group, but now exceptionally he kept the course for us.

We have learned a lot about the poms, the grooming, the handling and the breeding program . After the course we have already seen the breeding in a different way… We had the opportunity to see for example Dutchy ( Th. Grand. Am. Can. Ch Tokie the Legend Continues )

Our second destination was the Starlight kennel! Here we met Mr. J and saw several well-known poms as Paco , Predo and Jackie.Mr J has seen , that we are determined to estabilish a well-known kennel in Europe and later all over the world, that’s why he gave us several good advise about the breeding.

We have a good friendship with the excellent We Star ’s kennel! Mr . Vichai and his friends were very kind and helpful! Our new hope , Muffin( We Star’s First Legend to Toppom ) is the daughter of Happy ( Rus. Ukr. Th. Ch We Star’s Highlight Legend ) Happy is the No.1. Pomeranian of We Star’s, and we hope that Muffin will reach the same succes as her father .

We’ve left Muffin in Thailand , and Mr. Vichai will take care of her.. and one year later we hope she will arrive in Hungary as a Thai Champion

We also visited the Property Pom kennel … We saw very beautiful poms there! Our favourit was Cigar, who is already thai champion!

We spent a very good day at the Fluke’s Pom kennel! We have known, that she has many – many poms, but we’ve surprised , because she said it means more than 200 poms  The Fluke’s Pom is the most famous kennel all over the world in the parti colour poms.. She has many parti champion poms. But for us the two most important poms are the great-grandfather and grandfather of our NICE – Fluke’s Pom XO and Fluke’s Pom Party Master..up to this day they are the most important studing males at the Fluke’s Pom kennel!

Our other trust – Mercy Girl- comes from the rightly well-known Morgan’s kennel, whom owner is Mr. Chay Kulnipat.
Mr . Chay Kulnipat can be very proud of his succesful male Pepsi, who is the No. 1. Pomeranian 2013. in Thailand. Our new female is the daughter of Pepsi’s sister.. so we hope, she will take after Pepsi Mercy Girl is now 1 year old, and we also left in Thailand. We are waiting for the second heating.. we would like to choose a grand-champion male for her, and we would like to bring her home as pregnant!

Our last destination was the Moxiepom kennel.. The owners are very-very kind and so hospitable.
We saw a very beautiful female there, who is already champion in many countries… She is the own breeding of the Moxiepom, but they kept the secret of the parents. We tried to buy that female, but they didn’t want to sell her.

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